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Private Detectives & Working for Law Firms

Its becoming a trend for top law firms in the world to hire Legal Investigators in order to help their clients. Investigators primary role is to get all the evidence ready and make sure that all the paper work for the case is made available to the attorneys. These investigators analyses all the evidence and discover whatever the material is available in order to find the information that will help the firm in the case (1).

There are many qualities required of an investigator to be hired by a law firm. Here are some of the things that one needs to posses:

Private Investigator License

The most important thing that qualifies a Private Detectives working for law firms is that he needs to posses a private investigator license. A private investigator license is a certificate which one gets after completing all the legalities and training of a investigator. Having a license will show the law firms that you are acquainted with all the procedures related to the investigation and also shows that you have the skills to investigate all the information and decide if its relevant to the case. The precise requirement for getting a Private investigator license will be different from state to sate, but most of them will require you to complete a private investigation program or graduate from related associate. One will also have to get all the background check and submit figure prints before getting a PI license.

Completing The Job Efficiently

Before getting hired as a Private Detectives working for law firms you will most probably be given a test project in which you would have to find all the information and data about a particular client. This test job will be the deciding factor for your efficiency and which will in turn decide your fate with the law firm. Like any other job in private investigation also you will be required to polish your skills and make sure that you are always in touch with the current market trends. many agencies wont be able to hire you on full time basis which is why you will have to keep you full time job and work part time with the law firms. To get hired you will have make a detailed resume which highlights your skills and work experience. After posting this resume on law firms web site you will be hired.


There are many different certifications that one can take in order to qualify yourself as a private investigator. One must make sure that all these certifications are from National Associations of Legal Investigators and offers only highly recognized legal investigator certification. However you will need to make sure that you already are an active Private Detectives working for law firms before you apply for the certification. There are many requirements that needs to be included before you are hired by a good law firm or an investigative agency. You will also need to complete a five year full time legal investigation experience and also pass the certificate of legal investigator (CLI) examination and pay a fees of $200. You will e also required to write a approved CLI research paper.


    • ML Security & Co, Mesa, AZ: Employee sued his former employer for injuries supposedly contracted during contracted due to working circumstances. RJA was contracted to investigate and indeed verified that the locksmith employee was feigning injury:www.mesa-locksmith.net
    • Workers of a pool cleaning business in Arizona were suspected to skip cleaning services during working hours when their customers were not present. http://poolcleaningchandler-az.com/
    • Lawsuit vs unnamed Seattle based general contractor. With our assistance, a group of lawyers was able to verify their clients were not providing truthful information. Despite this the law firm won the case.
    • Various pest control companies that we do business with:
  • http://www.stopthebugsbirmingham.com


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